Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inspiration Board #10: Peacock Blue

The vibrant hues of a peacock feather inspire this inspiration board, from the deepest rich navy, brightest cobalt blue to the vibrant turquoise green. A color palette that is deep and masculine, but the introduction of pearlescent and metallic finishes add a touch of sophisticated luxury that would create an ultra-glamorous wedding. A colored sapphire engagement ring, touches of the most luxurious silks and satin's, elegant white on white florals, and the softest touch of the magnificently colored peacock feather to add a bit of feminine whimsy.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Honeymoon Hotspot: Milan

On an Italian honeymoon, Venice, Florence, and Rome are some obvious hot spots to jet off to. But who wants the obvious when it comes to a fabulous post-wedding getaway? Once thought of only as a major business and fashion capital, Milan is a vibrant and molto stylish city with is also surprisingly romantic with its charming streets, cozy cafe's, and Renaissance and Gothic architecture. Here are some highlights you shouldn't miss.

Where to stay: A discreet entrance on Via Gesa leads you into the elegant Four Seasons Hotel Milano (fourseasons.com). The property is a restored 15th century convent done up with swanky accommodations.If you're planning a destination wedding, this hotel is a dreamy location complete with a lavish downstairs ballroom and foyer that opens out to a sunken patio.

Four Seasons Hotel Milano
What to do: - A little known fact about Milan: it's bursting with art and culture. Check out the Pinacoteca di Brera museum, which houses masterpieces by Giovanni Bellini and Raphael; take in the impressive sights of the Duomo Catherdral, the focal point of the city; visit the regal rooms at the Palazzo Reale; and make a reservation to see Leonardo da VinciĆ¢'s The Last Supper at Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

Duomo Cathedral
- Explore the Navigli neighborhood, located in the Southern part of the city, which is full of hip restaurants and nightclubs, as well as historic homes lining the Naviglio Grande canal.

- Of course you'll want to do a bit of shopping and you'll have lots of options along the store-packed Corso Vittorio Emanuele, under the glass-domed Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, and among the top-designer boutiques that make up the fashion district known as the Golden Triangle

- Relax and keep up that newlywed glow with a luxurious facial using the Bulgari gem essence-infused skincare line at the spa in the sleek Bulgari Hotel Milan (bulgarihotels.com).

Bulgari Hotel Milan spa
Where to eat: Beautiful hidden courtyards dot the city, and many feature chic restaurants that boast open-air seating. Surrounded by a 19th century palazzo on Via Gesa, Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone (ilsalumaiodimontenapoleone.it) serves delicious traditional Milanese fare and offers a great wine selection. Conti Cafe (conticafe.it), on Via Montenapoleone, has a sexy lounge area that's perfect for an early-evening aperitivo or late-night dinner. Stop for gelato at Cioccolati Italiani (cioccolatitaliani.it), which is the best in town.
Where to go: Just an hour away is the picturesque Lake Como in the Lakes District. (discovercomo.com). Its grand villas, serene atmosphere, and spectacular scenery have made it a favorite retreat for the rich and famous.

Lake Como
Photo credits: Four Seasons Milano, DiscoverComo.com, The Italian Government Tourist Board, Bulgari Hotel Milan

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Should You Buy Wedding Insurance?

This question is difficult to answer with a simple yes or a no, so consider the following: if your gown salon goes out of business and you lose your deposit, would you be able to afford to purchase another gown? If your photographer doesn’t show up on the wedding day, would you be able to afford to hire one on the spot? In the unlikely event that something catastrophic (hurricane, blizzard, death in the family) happens before your wedding day, would you be able to afford to pay for a wedding all over again?

You should also keep in mind that many wedding vendors are happy to assist you in extraordinary circumstances. When Central Florida was plagued by three hurricanes within a month, all of the vendors we worked with helped couples reschedule their weddings by waiving penalties and carrying over payments. Ask the vendors you interview what they would do if a natural disaster or a death in your immediate family does occur.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cost? Basic policies can be found for as little as $125.00.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover? Wedding insurance will cover you for many things, including needing to reschedule your wedding due to circumstances beyond your control, businesses that go bankrupt or don’t show up, damage to attire, and loss of gifts. Some will even cover change of heart!

What Doesn’t Wedding Insurance Cover? If it rains, you will not be covered. If there is a hurricane, you might be covered. Your engagement ring and other jewelry will not be covered, but your wedding ring might be. If you or your groom decide not to go through with the wedding, most policies will not cover you.

When Should You Get It? If you decide to get wedding insurance, you should get it as soon as possible. Many policies will allow you to purchase insurance even after you’ve paid deposits and signed contracts, so don’t worry if you’ve already contracted with some of your service providers.

How Much Should You Get? If possible, purchase enough coverage so that if the worst happens, you will be able to reschedule and pay for a new wedding.

Do I Need Liability Insurance? Some wedding venues will require you to carry liability insurance. If you are hosting your wedding at home, you should check with your homeowner’s insurer to see if you should get additional coverage for your wedding.

Where Can You Find Wedding Insurance? Many insurance companies offer wedding insurance, so start with one of your carriers. An online search will also yield you lots of options for you to investigate.

If you think you might want to purchase wedding insurance, make sure to keep all of your contracts and receipts. You will need them if you make a claim.

This is a brief primer as to what wedding insurance covers. It’s really important to shop around for best price, best deductible and best coverage.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Weddings

Style and Decor:
*Combine patterns for a unique look. Go for sophisticated stripes with flirty polka dots for a playful effect.
*Choose a spring color, and use a slightly different shade of fabric on each reception table. Your tables will look unified, but not too matchy.

*Have a common springtime motif, such as a peony or a bird, printed on the invites.
*Choose a casual, yet engaging font to reflect a fun spring feeling.
*Instead of a traditional belly band or wrap, use a wide ribbon in your wedding colors to tie up your invites.

*Have your florist pair your favorite springtime flower with fruits (ruby-red raspberries, luscious blackberries, or even strawberries) for a fete that feels as homegrown as a picnic in the park.
*Hang floral wreaths from the doors into your church or temple, or from a tree at your ceremony.
*Bring spring indoors by creating a space awash in tiny spring blooms -- from single-bloom bud vases lining the bar to floral-adorned baskets in the bathrooms at the reception.

*Fill large punch bowls with fresh lemonade, iced tea, and white-wine sangria, garnished with fresh lemons and fruit for a colorful drink menu.
*Instead of more traditional beef, serve spring lamb with a garden-fresh herb sauce.
*Ditch the hot soup idea and present delicate chilled pea soup in shot glasses as hors d'oeuvres.

Wedding Cake:
*For a cake that spells spring, serve white cake covered in sugar-dipped long-stem cherries.
*Choose a flavor that's light and fluffy, like a strawberry shortcake covered in pale pink fondant and topped with real strawberries.
*Instead of a simple pattern, have your cake baker add colorful sugar flowers to your cake tiers.

*Give bulbs or packets of flower seeds that guests can plant in their gardens or window boxes, tagged with a personalized label.
*Be different and offer a charitable donation to plant a tree in each guest's name.
*Offer mini potted herbs at each place setting to enhance a garden theme.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day Wedding Inspiration


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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pnina Tornai Spring 2014

Pnina Tornai Spring ’14 showcases the signature illusion corsets
 that the brand is known for, and this season sleeves and streamlined silhouettes are added to the mix.

Photos by Kurt Wilberding

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Honeymoon Hot Spot: Ireland

This fantastic honeymoon destination is a seaside paradise of a different kind. We are taking a look at some amazing things to do on the island of Ireland!
  1. Check out the cuisine: Ireland is filled with gastronomic delights! By day, check the calendar to see if there’s a local food festival going on, or take a tour of an Irish brewery. By night, select a romantic restaurant with scenic coastal views that serves a contemporary take on classic Irish dishes, such as Irish Oatmeal fish cakes with Dublin bay prawn (pictured below).
  2. Explore the outdoors: A great way to see Ireland’s interior is to take an inland cruise! Take in the serene scenery as you gently navigate the extensive inland waterways. Ireland is also a great place to enjoy a round of golf– almost a quarter of a million golfers hit the Irish links each year! The outdoor adventure options are nearly endless; take in the greenery and the scenery by cycling, horseback riding, hiking, or fishing (pictured below).
  3. Get culturally curious: Ireland boasts some beautiful landmarks (such as Kylemore Abbey, pictured below), including ancient castles, sprawling estates with elaborate manicured gardens, and monuments, both historic and religious. For a more in-depth encounter with rich Irish culture, plan a visit to one of Ireland’s many heritage centers.

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